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Make it Big in the USA 

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to be successful in the USA 

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If you want to grow your business by expanding internationally, the USA is your number 1 destination. It offers tremendous growth opportunities, it’s business friendly, very innovative and you get access to world class talent. Deciding to go to the US is easy… but knowing how to, that’s the difficult part.

That’s why I have developed a unique program which will offer you:

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A Roadmap for Clarity: You will get crystal clear on the 9 steps you should be taking to expand your business and be successful in the USA. Having a clear framework and strategy saves you time, eliminates failure work and will accelerate your growth

A Single Platform for Information. You will have access to an online portal rich with workshops, workbooks, checklists and whitepapers to assist you every step of the way. Not only will you learn how to merge your strengths with the American way of doing business, expert colleagues will also handle specific topics such as incorporation, IP, importing and so on. This one stop source of information will save you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration

A Community. You will be part of a community of peers, across industries who are facing similar challenges. It will help you succeed and find inspiration to crack this challenging market  

“Working with Sophie really made me rethink the approach in the US and set clear priorities for our American expansion”

 - Paulina Murath  -  

Urban Crop Solutions 

“3 takeaways from Sophie's workshop: having a strong strategy is key, there is no one way to success, the importance of showing your value ”

 - Christel Bedert  -  


“The combination of having a clear framework and applying that to our business case is extremely powerful”

 - Francis De Bruyne  -  

Data Whisperer and Strategist 

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