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Building a profitable business in the USA in the most efficient way  

How it works

During this unique 3-month program you will be guided through the 9 steps you need to take to ‘Make it Big in the USA’. You will learn how to prepare your business, build a powerful expansion strategy and implement it in a fast and efficient way.

We kick off the Program with an individual call in which we will discuss your business, challenges and goals.

You have access to a 1-hour group consulting call twice a month for the next 90 days. During these sessions we will zoom in on a specific topic and you will get advice and guidance around your business and expansion plans.

Sophie will suggest ideas and share best practices to accelerate growth. You will have the opportunity to suggest topics and ask questions. Simply send them 48 hours in advance so she can carefully give thought to her response.

From the comfort of your home or office, you will have access to the “Make it Big in the USA” portal where you will find everything you need to expand successfully to the USA. It is rich with workshops, workbooks, videos, audio and articles. We will add new content on a regular base.

If you are committed and do the work, you will have a clear strategy and an actionable plan to launch and grow your business in the USA.

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In the first 3 modules you will learn how to prepare your business for international expansion, so you can start from a strong position


In module 4, 5 and 6 we will build a powerful expansion strategy, leading to maximum gain within tolerable risk  


In the last 3 modules you will learn how to implement your strategy in the most efficient way

Hover over the different modules to learn what they cover 

In Module 1 we do an internal analysis of your company. By answering some crucial questions, you assess whether your company is ready for international expansion or what the areas are for improvement. Knowing what it takes to start from a strong foundation gives you confidence and a head start.

In Module 2 we assess the market by zooming in on the 4 C’s: Customer, Competition, Channel and Country. Stories from companies such as Ikea, Lego and Tesco inspire you. Having a systematic approach to analyze a market prevents that you forget essential information and will enable you to build a powerful strategy.

In Module 3 we define in which market you can become number 1 and we set specific goals to make your expansion a success. Having ambitious goals and a crystal-clear focus catapults you into targeted action and leads to much faster results. 

In Module 4 you get clear on the different options to enter a new market and learn how to balance risk, control and flexibility. It enables you to build a strong strategy and meet your business goals in the most rapid way.

In Module 5 you get clear on how to target the right customer segment and how to create a value proposition the American way. You learn the different options to bring this to market in the most efficient way. Having a strong Go to Market strategy  generates revenue growth and profit.

In Module 6 you learn how to go in strong. You discover how you can merge your strengths with the American way of doing business. Being unique and standing out of the crowd helps you to create demand for your product or service.

In Module 7 you discover methods for fast-lane implementation of your strategy. Having a strong implementation plan saves you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars.

In Module 8 you discover the internal and external challenges of doing business in a foreign country and how to overcome those. Knowing how to protect your business helps you to manage the risk that goes with international expansion.

In Module 9 you learn what it takes to manage an international business and how you need to adapt your strategy to new circumstances. This module enables you to create a culture of flexibility and innovation and foster new ideas for market dominance.

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